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If we need to improve the accessibility of our building or detached house, without a doubt, one of the best options are the Stairlifts .

Both the Stairlift Chairs and the Stairlift Platforms are a good choice when climbing or descending stairs with the greatest comfort and safety (MONTASCALE PER ANZIANI).

But between both models there are both common elements and differences that make one better adapted to a specific type of user or the type of ladder that must be saved, than another.

What do a stair lift and a stair lift have in common?

  • Both Stairlifts are designed to be installed on virtually any type of staircase, whether straight with a few steps, this would be the simplest option, such as stairs with several curves and several sections.
  • We can find both Stairlift Chairs and Platforms suitable to be installed both inside homes and outside them, that is, suitable for use in the open.
  • Both the chairs and the platforms have the possibility of being collected to occupy the minimum space possible when they are not in operation.
  • Both models are easy to install and do not require civil works. Both for the Chair and for the Stairlift Platform it is possible to anchor the fixings directly to the steps or to the wall and both options are suitable for installation in residential buildings or commercial premises , as well as in private homes.
  • Both Sub-Stairs have practically the same security measures, their use is very simple and intuitive and is adapted to any type of user.
  • Very similar electrical consumption, although the platforms have greater wingspan and load capacity, their power consumption is slightly higher than that of the chairs .
  • Virtually all models of stair climbers work with batteries, so that energy consumption only occurs at the time of loading.

Differences between Platform and Chair Stairlifts?

  • The main difference between Platform and Sub-Stair Chair is the type of user to whom it is intended. While platform is mainly designed for people who use wheelchairs, the Sub-Stairs Chair is more suitable for people with mobility problems when going up or down stairs. The stair climbing platform can also be used for other uses such as; raise the shopping cart, the baby stroller or even use it as a chair for people with reduced mobility, adapting a stool available as an optional element.
  • Another of the main differences between Plataforma and Silla Salvaescaleras is the space they need for their use. In this sense, the platform requires more staircase space than the chair, especially when it comes to allowing the turn in stairs with curves or when entering or leaving with a wheelchair. For this reason, when there are narrow stairs or with complicated curves, the main option is usually the Stairlift Chair .
  • The Stairlift Chair has more finishes and personalization options than the platform, being possible in many cases to choose the type or color of the upholstery or the color of the guide and the anchors. (This last option is also available in some platform models).
  • Another important difference is the price. Stairlift platforms are more expensive than chairs, this difference is greatly increased if the ladder to be saved consists of a straight section without intermediate landing. To have the price of both Stairlift Chair and Platform Stairlift you can use our Stairlift Budget service .
fight fungus on the feet

There are different fungi that attack the feet causing itching, excessive sweating and bad smell on the feet.

How do you miss walking barefoot in a meadow! Or in the warm sand of the beach!

Unfortunately, our feet suffer the constant pressure of shoes and boots that, in many cases, are made of waterproof materials, which prevent the entry of moisture; and also the exit! Our feet are “cooked” between synthetic fiber socks that prevent proper ventilation and perspiration.

The feet, the farthest end of the brain, and where it takes longer for circulation to reach; It is one of the parts that takes less care of our body. However, it has a large number of nerve endings that connect them to the main vital organs. This is based on reflexology. But this topic deserves a separate post.

Today we are going to focus on the fungi of the feet (remedios unha encravada inflamada).

In the shower, apply contrasts of cold and hot water to activate circulation.

Hygiene of the feet: It uses a natural soap to wash them. The natural soap is alkaline, and combats the proliferation of the fungi Trichophyton and Epidermophyton; main causes of “athlete’s foot”. Once washed, dry very well between the fingers and apply between them 3 or 4 drops of tea tree essential oil. Also on the nails. Spray the feet later with our thermal water, and let them dry before putting on your socks.

Use cotton socks Flee synthetic fibers. Activate your circulation by exercising and you will fight the cold in the feet naturally.

Try to always wear dry footwear, which is not excessively tight to facilitate circulation. Apply every night on footwear. This remedy is especially indicated for sports shoes.

If you want to give them a good break, at night, prepare a basin of hot water; add two bags of chamomile, 5 drops of essential oil of rosemary or lavender, and a handful of sea salt. Immerse them for a quarter of an hour. Dry them well and then apply a relaxing massage, with essential oil.

And one last recommendation: learn to feel with your feet. Do not miss the opportunity to walk barefoot through a meadow, a beach, or on the moss, on a river rock. Bathe your feet in a stream and feel the circulation; in the bed, caress the feet of your partner with yours…


buy gold offshore

We have all seen the drastic effects of the economic recession on our lives; markets crashing, people losing their jobs, homes and what not. The people who had some safe investments in their hands during those difficult times are the ones who survived. Investing in gold is an investment comparatively safer than others. As an investor, your portfolio must show at least 25% of investments in precious metals such as gold and silver.

Physical gold

The first option in the beginner’s guide is physical gold. This form of investment is one of the most popular and, probably, the safest way for someone who is still taking small steps in the world of investments. You can buy gold bars and coins from gold merchants, gold stores, private traders, buy gold offshore etc.

Mutual gold funds

Another great option to invest in gold is putting your money in gold investment funds. By investing in gold investment funds to become owners of several gold points, but not owners of physical gold. Mutual funds consist of various investments, such as gold mining values, exchange ETFs and gold reserves.

Gold jewelry

Here is a good reason to buy your couple gold jewelry; Gold jewelry is worth a lot of money if it is kept in excellent condition. If the jewelry you have purchased has some historical relevance, a great design and also remains in very good condition, your market rate can be quite large. Gold prices are touching the sky at this time, which means the need for gold is more than ever.

Gold mines

Buying some gold mining shares is also another way to invest in gold without having to buy the real thing. The increase in the value of gold as a metal gives a clear indication that now is the right time to invest in gold mines. I would suggest that you be a little careful while going for gold mining stocks, as it directly depends on the gold prices in the market. This investment is quite volatile.