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The rise of cryptocurrencies is reflected in the speed at which new virtual currencies sprout, which already add up to a joint capitalization of almost 250,000 million. And not even the falling price of bitcoin, the reference cryptocurrency, discourages investors: almost a third of Spaniards expect to buy cryptocurrencies in the future; not in vain, Spain is one of the countries with the greatest interest in virtual currencies investing in cryptocurrency.


Beyond bitcoin and ethereum, the best known, in the world there are more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies, and only ten exceed 4,000 million euros in turnover. One of the least known to the public is the Neo. Driven by a Chinese company, it proposes a new structure under blockchain technology with which to manage transfers and digital contracts, something similar to what Ethereum already allows, although more complete, according to its creators.


The platform that supports Neo technology allows its users to use identities and digital assets, as well as contracts. The ‘intelligent economy’ they propose allows the management and automated of all those assets, contracts and identities. It was created in 2014 and is very oriented towards electronic commerce.


In addition, the NEO network also uses digital identity. All individuals and institutions that want to operate through this platform must have a confirmed identity. This model of identities fights against fraud and promotes compliance with commercial rules in each region.


Like other cryptocurrencies, users of eToro, the world’s number one social trading network, can choose to invest their money in Neo cryptocurrencies. As if that were not enough, the new members of the community, more than six million, will receive a portfolio of 100,000 virtual dollars with which to test investment strategies.


For all interested investors, eToro offers its members the possibility of investing in the main cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ethereum classic, dash, cardan or the ripple are some of the available options. Each one has a characteristic and covers a series of needs:


– The bitcoin was the first and is the largest among the cryptocurrencies. It has been responsible for laying the groundwork for then appear hundreds of similar currencies more.


– Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, according to its capitalization. It was created by the Russian programmer Vitalik Buterin and has the international support of technological giants such as Microsoft and Intel.


– Litecoin was designed by Google’s former engineer Charles Lee and its goal is to improve bitcoin technology by offering faster processing times and a greater number of tokens. It has also been the first of the cryptocurrencies to implement SegWit, a method that accelerates transaction times without compromising the underlying blockchain technology.


– Ethereum Classic is based on the original code of the ethereum blockchain but aims to create a more decentralized currency.


– Dash has been developed by software programmer Evan Duffield. Its main focus is instant transactions and the privacy of its owners thanks to an infrastructure that allows transactions much faster than other cryptocurrency and, therefore, offers more liquidity than many others.


– Ripple is perhaps the most adopted cryptocurrency within the financial sector thanks to the fact that it is driven by some of the giants of the sector. The XRP was created by the American programmer Jed McCaleb and allows financial institutions to exchange different currencies, cryptocurrencies and alternative forms of payment, such as frequent passenger miles.


– Cardano has a third-generation technology, based on ethereum, but with a structure of two differentiated layers, one that carries out transactions, similar to any cryptocurrency, and another that executes blockchain applications, and could be described as the “development layer”.


Thanks to a community of more than six million members, eToro users can choose to design their own investment strategy with cryptocurrencies or look for some of the ‘Popular Investors’, the best traders in the community, to clone their portfolios.

testosterone boosters

When you set the goal of gaining muscle volume there are many aspects to take into account to achieve it, such as following a diet appropriate to the caloric content required, perform a demanding training to achieve our goal and rest at least 8 or 9 hours each night. To these habits can be added the consumption of supplements such as protein and creatine since they will help us obtain more remarkable results in less time. In addition to all this, there is something else that could help us gain muscle mass: testosterone boosters.


When we talk about testosterone we refer to a hormone that in the case of mammals is produced mainly in the testes of the male and in the ovaries of the females (on a much smaller scale), although it is also produced by the adrenal glands in lower amounts . It is the main male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid. This androgen has its highest production peak during adolescence and adulthood, after which production tends to fall, reaching in some cases very low levels.


Testosterone is one of the most necessary hormones to create muscle mass and give hardness to bones; it is also responsible for sexual traits in men. Therefore, when there is a deficit of this, either because they suffer from testosterone problems or because over time the body does not generate the same as before, the individual will find it much more complicated the mission of gaining muscle mass, like It will have lower energy levels and will affect the mood and even the libido.


Tips to increase testosterone levels

Stress produces estrogen, the hormone antagonist to testosterone, so that the further away from us this state of mental fatigue caused by the demand for higher than normal performance, the better our testosterone level will be.


Because this hormone is produced in the testes, if these are not at the right temperature, about 36 degrees, the proper amount of testosterone will not be produced. To avoid this it is advisable not to wear tight underwear, as it increases the temperature of the area.


Performing strength exercises such as lifting weights or high intensity exercise will also be a great help to increase testosterone levels. It will also make you sleep well, because most of this hormone is produced while you sleep.


As always, what we eat also has a lot to say about our health, and in this case the increase in testosterone. The fat present in the diet will cause the man’s body to produce the testosterone necessary to function optimally. This type of fat is what we find in some foods such as olive oil, avocado, coconut, palm or fish oil. Some medicinal herbs such as sorghum and zarparilla will also be beneficial to increase the levels of this androgen. On the other hand, food supplementsas those that contain vitamins A, B, E, C and zinc will undoubtedly be a monumental aid to receive sufficient doses of the vitamins necessary to increase the production of testosterone. All these supplements can be found in specialized stores like MASMusculo.


Zinc has the power to regulate hormone levels, reduce the activity of estrogen receptors and inhibit the aromatase enzyme, increase thyroid production and increase the levels of the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DTH), an androgen that balances levels of estrogen and that is produced from testosterone by the action of the enzyme ‘5 Alpha Reductase’.

gifts for golfers who have everything

One of the most popular elite sports of all time, it is no surprise that there are fans everywhere and, if you have a special person in your life who is a golf player, you cannot miss an opportunity like Christmas. To let you know how much you care gifts for golfers who have everything.

It is a very peculiar sport, requires a good physical condition and accessories that can often cost an eye of the face, hence its label to be elitist, but come on, it becomes increasingly accessible to the public worldwide of golf

If you look well, you will find the perfect complements so that that special someone will improve their techniques even more when playing or simply give you a detail that will always remind you of your hobby. And to help you in the search, we have put together a very complete comparative list.


  1. Suaoki Professional Prismatic Rangefinder

In golf, distance is everything to get a hole in one. For this, there are specialized devices that are responsible for measuring it, as is the case of this rangefinder, a model with a wide range that will be responsible for measuring from short distances to the longest distances.

It is very compact and easy to carry; it is also very accurate and will be detected up to distances of 600 meters.


  1. Lot of 100 Golf Balls Second Chance

Many might think that golf balls are all the same, but no, depending on their model they will get one with more precision and the right size for each field.

This pack of 100 balls is very particular since it is balls that were lost in water traps and then recovered for a second chance, so it offers diversity of brands in the same package.


  1. Girl under Armor

A golfer is constantly under the sun, so he needs protection from ultraviolet rays. While you can use sunscreens, a little shadow would not hurt and a hat can be very functional.

This model has a mesh interior that will allow proper ventilation to be fresher and its design fits the head, as well as a band that repels sweat.


  1. Callaway Golf Gloves

In this game, accuracy is key and your players can not let the sweat of their hands get in the way of a good play. Thinking about that, there are specialized gloves to hold golf clubs much better.

This model is very useful and functional, has a nice design and also effectively fulfills the function of providing a constant grip, thanks to the materials from which they are manufactured.


  1. Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 Men’s Golf Shoes

Another fundamental piece in the attire to play golf, are the shoes. We are talking about some models made of leather, fabric and rubber, which provide stability and a grip on the grass for better shots.

They are resistant to both water and the dry field, in addition to being very comfortable and easy to ride in them.


  1. Shoes for Women Ecco Biom Hybrid 2

A different shoe model, this time aimed at fans of the golf world.

It has a pretty feminine design and has all the characteristics that make a good shoe suitable for this game, durability, good materials such as leather and fabric, are water resistant and will give stability when playing.


  1. Asbri Golf XP14 Cart Bag

A good golf bag is the essential complement of every player. They must carry different clubs, balls and so on, so it is advisable to have a quality bag where they can carry everything in a very comfortable way.

This model has different compartments to carry everything you need in a round of golf; it is light, which makes it easy to carry.


  1. Zepp Swing Analyzer

In the world of technology, you cannot let electronic gadgets go by when you give them away.

This device consists of a meter, which once calibrated, will indicate the perfect position to achieve the best shots. It connects to the mobile through a downloadable application. It is very useful because it allows you to see what is being done wrong to improve the swing.


  1. Rug Welling-Putt

Not only is it a piece of unique decoration for the home, but it allows you to practice the shots in a very simple way.

An excellent piece if you want to give something with which you can have fun, alone or with friends and also can perfect your game while having fun.


  1. Set of Golf Clubs WGG157240 Wilson

If you are looking for a gift for someone who is just beginning to venture into the world of golf, your first clubs will be an incredible choice.

This set includes 11 golf clubs to give the best in the field, made of steel, wood and titanium, which will have variety at the time of shooting. It also includes a bag with different compartments to carry everything in one place.