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There are some basic things to be gone through prior to discussing the OFNP and OFNR cables used in every home and commercial building. There are two types of areas in a constructed building; plenum and riser areas. Plenum area is specified for air flow in a built building. Rise area is the place where a duct is vertically connected with other floors. Anyways, if you compare OFNR vs OFNP, then you will have very informative and interesting detail. Usually, OFNR is the Optical Fiber Nonconductive Riser and it is a heavy-duty cable. These cables are installed only in riser area as a shaft or duct from one floor to the other. This is true OFNR cables can never be used in plenum area and these are not fire protected. That is why; the most industries prefer OFNP cables rather than OFNR cables in working and electrical areas.

Further, OFNP cable is Optical Fiber Nonconductive Plenum that is completely useful and recommended for plenum area in a constructed building. If you set a comparison between OFNR vs OFNP, then you will find OFNP cables better and more reliable for electricity. Usually, these cables can be used in riser area, while these are completely fire protected and highly rated. In many industrial areas, OFNP cables are considered as the best alternative to OFNR cables. Anyhow, OFNP cables are more reliable options to use in ducts, shafts, plenums and spaces at air flow areas. There is no other satisfaction guaranteed and reliable fiber cable that can be used as a substitute of OFNP cables.