A strategy in social networks can generate an unexpected added value to your business strategy; discover how to use them in your favor with these tips to use Instagram buyiglikes buy ig likes.

Recently we made mention about the digital skills that entrepreneurs should have today, this is due to the growing demand in the use of modern technology and in order to be more competitive in the market. One of those digital skills and perhaps the most important one is knowing how to use social networks correctly to obtain advantages in our favor.

Although you would think that Facebook and Twitter are the big ones to beat, there are others with great potential that it is worthwhile to take a look at them. Instagram , for example, can be used for more than just posting selfies and food photos. Whether as an entrepreneur or as a professional, with Instagram you can share moments of your life through photographs of who you are and what you really love , creating a very attractive profile for new followers. According to an infographic designed by Ellen & Co, there are some simple tips to maximize the potential of Instagram and create a highly professional profile. Here’s how to achieve it.


  1. Optimize your profile

As in almost all social networks, the key to success is to create a profile that speaks well of you. Your general profile should contain, mainly:

An image to show: try to use a quality profile image with good composition. A brand can use its logo or the image of its latest product to take advantage of advertising. If this is the case, be sure to use the same image in all social media profiles to be consistent and your audience can identify you easier. It is important to mention that Instagram cuts out the profile photos in a circle, so take care that the details inside the image are not lost once the cut is made.

A username: Although, in addition to your username, Instagram lets you see your real name, it’s always better to have a short and easy-to-remember username so people can find it easier to find.

A description or biography: Try to explain who you are or what your company does; It will be much easier for people to be interested in what you do. You can accompany this description with a link to your web page.


  1. Create a calendar

In Instagram, people review the application only when they have the time to do it, so their “feed speed” is slower than in other social networks. Create a calendar of publications is good because the feed of your followers is not saturated and because you can choose the time where most audience is online. With this you will be able to organize publications better and you will use your time more efficiently.


  1. Diversify your content

The perfect balance is in combining the personal, the informative and the promotional. However, all publications must be relevant to the audience that follows you, taking into account their tastes and preferences. Sometimes they can be behind-the-scenes videos of the advertising campaigns and other times you can include scenes with a funny or witty touch. Watch the consistency of the publication times and try to captivate your audience, because if there is a prolonged delay of the content, it is very likely that your number of followers will decrease.


  1. Develop a style

All professional photographers have their own style. In Instagram it is also very important that you develop a unique publishing style. In this way, as with the profile picture, your followers will be able to identify your work or product more quickly. Try using the same settings when you edit and publish a photo; Sticking to a single color palette that reflects the identity of your brand may be a good idea in this regard.

If you need extra help, with VSCO Cam you can capture clearer and better focused photos compared to the normal camera of your mobile device.


  1. Interact with your followers

And finally, talk to your followers! The comments are perhaps the only method of generating feedback and believe me your followers will appreciate that you respond. There is nothing more annoying than an account that does not respond to comments. The more you respond, the more participative the conversation becomes. Also, as users it always feels good to have a person-to-person contact. Remember that a social media strategy, if well developed, can generate unexpected added value to your business strategy.


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