We tend to think that houses are sold alone, that either the buyer likes it or does not like it . However there are many things we can do to make our property more attractive.

The real estate market is very competitive and if the owner wants to have real options to sell his home, he must differentiate himself from the rest. Unfortunately, putting the sign for SALE and uploading photos to a free real estate portal is not enough austin house buyers.

What should you keep in mind if you decide to choose a real estate agency?

First, the service: if you want quality, you must work with people with whom you feel comfortable, who defend your interests, who are professionals with proven experience and who know the market perfectly.

Secondly, the Marketing Plan: These are all those actions that are going to be carried out to sell your home and it is as important as fixing the price. It is important that it be in writing, that there is a commitment and that they keep you informed.

Third, the opinions of other clients: Knowing the experiences of other clients, how they lived the process, what they do about it … is fundamental and will give us an external view of the professionalism of the real estate agency.



Three great myths about selling your house

“Hiring real estate advisors who lower their fees is a good way to save money when it comes to selling.”

THE TRUTH: Advisors who charge lower fees usually do little for you, little more than putting the SALE banner. A good professional does not lower his fees, he values ​​himself, and he knows that he does a good job, defends his interests and will be able to defend your interests.


“All real estate advisors are the same.”

THE TRUTH: As in any other profession, there are good advisers and others less good. A good advisor knows the market, has experience and can sell your home quickly and at the best possible price because it will advertise and promote your home in a different way than others.


“You must choose the advisor who is willing to sell your house for the highest price.”

THE TRUTH: Advisors with little experience will often try to get the sales order by telling you that you can ask for a higher price than the market value: realistic. A real estate expert will tell you the truth about the price of your home. As a result, you will see qualified buyers in your home, saving time and hassle with visits that do not lead anywhere.


In conclusion.

In a market as competitive as real estate, doing different things is the key to selling faster and at the best price. A good real estate agency will give you a good service and put at your disposal a good Marketing Plan. Trust honest real estate agents, be honest with you and demonstrate your knowledge of the market and the commercialization process.

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