At MASMOVIL, we continue to invest heavily in investing in our own fixed and mobile networks , since we believe that this is the best way to offer our customers the best telecommunications services.

In that sense, last year we ended up with almost 10.5 million homes with fiber optic splice closure price, 10 times more than last year, and almost all Spanish homes available through ADSL, which makes it possible to market the convergent offer most attractive in the Spanish market through our main brands: Yoigo, MASMOVILand Pepephone . Today, we are going to make you part of the visit we have recently made to one of our own Fiber Optic deployments in the town of Algete . We hope you like it!!

The visit begins in the room called OBA of the Central de Telef├│nica de Algete, which is the head of fiber where we have co-located our network transmission equipment, as well as the head of the Fiber Network or OLT (Optical Line Terminal) of MASMOVIL. This is the team where the services contracted by each client are configured, as well as the integration point of the voice and data traffic of the population to facilitate the Transmission of the service to the MASMOVIL network.

In the same OBA room, we can also observe the Optical Fiber distribution cabinet (ODF) that serves as an interconnection point between the network header (OLT) and the cables that make up the fiber network that is installed along the population until you reach each building.

Once in the building, which we have reached through the laying of the cable, either through infrastructure of underground pipelines (Power Network) or by fa├žade (Distribution Network), the section of Network is completed with the installation of the Optical Termination Box (CTO) , this being the point from which the Client Registration works are performed.

Once these boxes of the distribution network are installed, we proceed to register the Real Estate Units (each floor) of this building in our systems to begin commercialization. All this process is done automatically and remotely from the installation itself.

In the case of distribution inside the buildings, the termination box (CTO) is installed in the communications rooms (RITI) or distribution patinillos (usually in the ground floor or basement of the building). From this point the section of the Dispersion network is installed, which allows connecting all the dwellings of the building by finishing the cables in the Plant Derivative Boxes (CDP), from where the fiber cable will be laid to the house, ending the installation in the optical network termination points (PTRO). It is at this point, typically in the living room of the home where the final network equipment (ONT) and the Client Router are connected.

At this point the customer can already contract with us the fiber of MASMOVIL.

Before marketing our fiber optic splice closure manufacturer services, in MASMOVIL we carry out an exhaustive homologation and testing of services so that the quality offered to the clients is optimal, the usual standard in MASMOVIL, where, according to the reports of satisfaction of available clients, we have the most satisfied customers in the telecommunications market in Spain.

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